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Evangelion set for PSP

Cyber Front porting over its PC/PS2 adventure game.


Cyber Front announced today plans for a PSP port of its PS2/PC adventure game Evangelion Iron Girlfriend 2nd. The title will be released for the PSP under the name Evangelion Iron Girlfriend 2nd Portable.

Iron Girlfriend 2nd offers a new story separate from the story featured in the classic Evangelion anime. Players experience the lighter side of the relationship between such characters as Shinji Ikari, Asuka Langley and Rei Ayanami. All sixteen primary characters in the game feature their original voice actors.

The PSP version of the game includes all the artwork from the PC version, refined to fit the PSP's wide screen format. Players can also expect PSP-tuned controls and updated auto save and skip features.

Screenshots from the PSP version.

Two versions of the game will be released on June 11. A standard game-only version will sell for 3,990 yen. It will be joined by a 6,090 yen limited edition which will bundle in an Asuka-themed card case and a Rei-themed key holder.

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