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Sega details new Virtua Fighter 5 R version

Director promises additional updates besides balance changes.


As promised in a press statement issued a few weeks back, Sega put a new version of Virtua Fighter 5 R on display at its Yappa Asobinasai event in Tokyo's Odaiba area over the weekend. While players were able to play the new version, Sega only shared a few formal details about what's been changed.

A billboard posted at the event made note of the following three changes:

Game Balance Adjustments
Adjustments to the small details of game balance, leading to greater uniqueness for characters.
Renewal of look for skills
A number of skills have had their look changed, leading to more unique movements.
Changes to cut-ins
Close-up shots of the characters during the start of the round.

The game will also feature other changes, according to the event billboard.

Signs at the Asobinasai event detail a few of the changes to the new VF5R version.

Following up on the event, Virtua Fighter 5 director Daichi Katagiri posted a small update on the new version via a column at the Virtua Fighter 5 official site. The focus for the demo event was on game balance, so Sega locked away all added elements outside of combat. The game is set to be "greatly powered up" in other areas as well, Katagiri said.

This new version, Katagiri noted, is not Version A Revision 1, which he says is scheduled to begin arcade operation shortly.

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