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Soul Edge Sex

A tale of two swords in Tales of the World


If you came to this story expecting to see Seung Mina and Mitsurugi exchanging their polygons, you're going to be disappointed. I use "sex" here in the gender sense.

Did you know that Soul Edge -- the sword that appears in the Soul Edge game, rather than the game itself -- comes in male and female forms? I sure didn't.

But that's apparently the case:

This is the latest download content for Tales of the World Radiant Mythology 2. Rank in the top 100 of an EX Attack challenge, and you'll get Soul Edge Male and Soul Edge Female.

[end_p text="Click for more on the latest Soul Edge/Calibur downloads for TOW" /]

Based off the screenshots, it appears these can be used both as dual swords or as single swords.

Soul Edge actually comes in more than just male and female forms. You can see all the details at the Soulcalibur Wiki, which like all Wikis is always correct.

This latest in Bandai Namco's weekly Tales of the World DLC updates brings about lots of other items, including bunny and cat hats. Browse the full set of content here.

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