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Bandai Namco completes D3 buyout

D3 becomes full subsidiary.


Bandai Namco Holdings announced today that its Bandai Namco Games subsidiary has completed a buyout of D3 Publisher parent company D3.

The buyout was formally started on February 12 and came to a close yesterday (March 16). Under the buyout, one share of D3 stock was valued at 62,000 yen. D3 will cease to be listed on JASDAQ and will formally become a Bandai Namco Games subsidiary on March 24.

A statement from Bandai Namco Holdings reiterated some of the points that were announced in Feburary. Among other things, Bandai Namco hopes to share technology with D3, make use of D3's existing lines for expansion in overseas markets, and apply D3's casual game series to Bandai Namco game content.

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