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SaGa 2 official site updated

Story details and new wallpapers await.

An older screenshot of SaGa 2 for the DS.

Square Enix gave the SaGa 2 official site its first update in three weeks today, offering players a glimpse at the DS remake's story and some new downloads.

As detailed in the story section, the story of SaGa 2 surrounds a set of treasures left behind by the ancient gods who created the world. These treasures were symbols of power and led to many wars. The game begins as a new war is on the verge of beginning. One evening, the young main character's father leaves behind one of the treasures and sets off on a journey, his only instructions being to not give the treasure to anyone. All of this should be familiar to fans of the original.

The download section of the site adds two new wallpapers for Esper class characters. These join two Human wallpapers and three more general wallpapers which were previously available.

The site's character, system, and trailer sections remain inactive.

SaGa 2 is a remake of the original Game Boy SaGa 2 game, which hit Western markets under the name Final Fantasy Legend II. The game features fully 3D visuals and promises a number of new gameplay systems.

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