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Level-5 details Professor Layton story and characters

Six characters introduced for first entry in new trilogy.


Following last week's full unveiling in Famitsu, Level-5 today began sharing official details on the new Professor Layton game with the web-based media. The company also provided new artwork and a gave a first look at the game's box art.

As previously announced, the new game is named Professor Layton and the Devil's Flute. The first entry in a new trilogy of Layton games, players can look forward to the title this Fall on the DS.

Devil's Flute is a prequel to the first Layton series, taking place three years prior to Curious Village. Players learn the circumstances of Layton's first meeting with his puzzle-solving accomplice, Luke.

Artwork for Professor Layton and the Devil's Box.
Screenshots of the new game. Level-5 has yet to share specifics on gameplay updated.

The game's story surrounds a legend that tells of a "Devil's Flute," which when sounded is said to make a giant beast appear and destroy a town that's known as "Village of Mist." Professor Layton comes to this town to investigate, and this is where he meets Luke, a young boy who has prophesied the end of the world.

Level-5 has thus far introduced six characters for the game. They are as follows:

Professor Layton
Fully named Hershel Layton, Professor Layton is a professor of archaeology at Gresenheller College. On the side, he works as a researcher who attempts to solve the mysteries of the world.
Fully named Luke Triton, Luke is three years younger than he was in Curious Village. Although a little rude due to his age, he's very smart and has the ability to speak to animals.
Remi Altiva
The heroine of the new series, Remi is a beauty of Asian descent. She makes bold movements, but is full of mystery.
The Butler
A kind old man with a gentle personality. He serves as the butler at a home.
The Mysterious Cat
This mysterious cat has a question mark emblem constantly hanging from his neck.
The Cleaning Lady
An old lady who will council you through your problems.

Of these characters, Remi, The Butler, The Mysterious Cat, and The Cleaning Woman are all new for Devil's Flute.

From left to right, Layton, Remi, Luke, The Butler, The Mysterious Cat, and The Cleaning Lady.

Level-5 also provided a look today at the Devil's Flute packaging. Text on the box refers to the game as "the story of puzzle solving and first meetings." Layton's meeting with Luke, who's described as being a different person from the first Layton game, is said to be "shocking." As for the beast that threatens to destroy the Village of Mist, the package asks if its true form is that of a god or a devil.

The packaging for Professor Layton and the Devil's Box.

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