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Dragon Quest IX story and locations detailed

Details on four new areas of your adventure in July's big RPG release.

The starting point of the DQIX adventure, in the world of angels.

Square Enix appears to be slowly opening up the vault on Dragon Quest IX's story. The latest weekly update from the company on the upcoming RPG contains no new gameplay information, instead focusing entirely on the game's world and story.

Previous updates revealed that players take control of an angel, whose goal is to arrive in the kingdom of gods. To achieve this goal, angels gather Star Aura, which is given to them as appreciation from people whom they've helped. Star Aura can be offered to the World Tree, which produces something known Goddess's Fruit. Producing this fruit will open up a path to the promised land.

Screenshots released today show angels conversing amongst themselves in the land of angels (separate from the land of humans). Square Enix notes that it appears some angels have grown suspicious of humans. One angel, for instance, expresses disbelief that humans have created false histories for their own convenience.

Sandy, a fairy character who was introduced in a previous update, is shown in the latest batch of shots as arriving in the human world along side the main character. The reason for the two coming down to the surface together was not made clear.

In the past, Square Enix has detailed DQIX's monsters and skills. For today's update, the company provided background information on a series of locations that players will visit during their adventure.

Players begin their adventure in the previously introduced castle town of St. Shutain, home to Rikka's Inn, which serves as the basis of operations. This part of town is located in an area of the world called West St. Shutain.

Joining this starting point, Square Enix shared details on four additional areas:

East Beckseria
This area differs from the green colors of West St. Shutain with its yellow fields that make one feel that winter has come. Residents of Becselia City inform the player that the city is about to be destroyed. One resident says that something must be done before more damage is incurred.
Tso Beach
Residents of this fishing village appear to be leading happy lives under the protection of an entity they call Master. Square Enix notes that the Master entity appears to be having some negative effects on village life as well.
Dharma Shrine
This shrine was previously introduced as the place players must travel to in order to undergo job changes. There's a story connection as well. It appears that the head priest, the person who assists you in your job changes, has gone missing. One screenshot shows a character expressing concern about the end of the shrine should the head priest not return.
Horobi no Mori
The name for this area can be translated as "Forest of Ruin." Screenshots show a deserted castle that's packed with enemies. However, it appears that players will encounter an important sculpture in the castle.

This is just one part of the locations that players can experience in what Square Enix refers to as a massive story.

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