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Falcom confirms Ys Seven for PSP

New title to offer party-based play.


Falcom has at long last shared platform details for the two Ys games that were announced at the Ys Falcom Fes event two weeks ago. Both Ys Seven and Ys I&II Chronices are set for PSP.

Ys I&II Chronicles is, as expected, another remake of the first two Ys games. The game will be based off the 2001 Windows remake but features a number of new elements, including new visuals and background music.

Ys Seven is an all new entry in the series and a proper sequel to 2003's Ys 6. While retaining the "Ys Action" from past titles, players can expect a new battle system, with the first ever party play for the series. Series mainstays like Adol and Dogi will appear in the game.

At the Ys Falcom Fes event, Dengeki Online reported being told by Falcom representatives that Ys Seven will feature series hero Adol in the main character role and will present a story surrounding the Five Great Dragons of Altago, a passage that has been mentioned in past Ys storylines. The site said to expect further details in an issue of Dengeki PlayStation that's due out on March 27.

Artwork for Ys Seven and Ys I&II Chronicles. Falcom has yet to share screenshots.

Players will get their first taste of the new batch of Ys through Ys I&II Chronicles, which is set for release in July, priced at 5,040 yen. Ys Seven will follow in September at 6,090 yen.

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