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Yakuza 3 Stage Event report

Toughest question about 18-and-up game answered by 12-year old boy.


One of the main attractions at Sega's recent Asobinasai gaming event was the Yakuza 3 talk stage. Sega brought out Kazuma voice actor Kuroda Takaya, Majima voice actor Hidenari Ugaki, and Yakuza series scenario writer Masayoshi Yokoyama for a 30 minute talk event commemorating strong initial sales of Yakuza 3.

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The stage event was set up like an episode of the recently ended Kamiyacho Radio Station podcast, although it apparently won't actually be broadcast to the masses.

The three began by responding to a few questions from the MC. Responding to a question about difficulties during the game's production, Takaya mentioned the karaoke segments, stating that these sequences were harder than any other in the game. He added, jokingly, that he's still annoyed. Majima responded that as someone who was born and raised in Tokyo, it was difficult to speak the Kansai dialect that's required for his character.

Yokoyama discussed the difficulties he'd had with the game's scenario. The original Yakuza's scenario was easy, he said, because the story was original. Same goes for Kenzan, which takes place in a separate time line. For parts 2 and 3, however, he had to make sure things matched the original, making it more difficult. Originally, part 3's scenario clocked in at 400 pages, and he wrote it four or five times.

Following the initial chat came a question and answer session, with the three fielding questions that had been previously submitted.

The first question asked what the voice actors would do if they'd actually become their characters. Ugaki's response was that he wouldn't want to be like Majima. Yokoyama said that he'd like to become Kiryu because he'd be able to get money by simply winning random battles.

A bit more interesting, one person from Gunma complained that his girlfriend of four years had just broken up with him. While they were together, the two had played Yakuza Kenzan together, and he wants to play Yakuza 3 with her. However, even though he e-mails her every day, he never gets a response. Takaya suggested, first off, that he stop sending daily e-mails to her. He also offered up some advice on how to get back together with her, but admitted that it would probably take too long for part 3, although part 4 was a possibility.

Other activities included a lengthy quiz session in which audience members were asked to answer questions about the game. Those who answered correctly received a Yakuza 3 goodie bag containing some of the recent collaboration items (including the Don Quixoti plastic bag!).

Questions took a variety of forms outside of standard trivia. One set of questions required that players fill in a bleep in a well-known (or maybe not so well-known) line from the game, or identify the speaker of a line. Another set presented players with a blurred out face of a character and asked that they provide the name. You can see a sampling below:

There were some tough questions in the bunch! One question asked for Kiryu's prison number from the first game! Someone was able to answer this. Another question got a bit tricky by asking to name the gyudon beef-bowl shop from the first Yakuza. The first person to raise his hand said, enthusiastically, "Matsuya, where I once had a part time job." This, however, was incorrect, as the Matsuya tie-up wasn't implemented until the second game (the correct answer is shown above).

The knowledge of those in attendance was surprising. The scenario writer even said that he didn't know some of the answers!

Just as surprising was who was answering the questions. One of the tougher questions was answered by a 12-year-old boy. Yakuza 3, you'll recall, is an 18-and-up game!

It's also worth noting that the audience was half full of girls. They weren't there just to see Takaya, it seems, as they answered their fair share of the questions!

The stage closed off with the three delivering a brief message to those in attendance. Sadly, only Ugaki used his character's voice here. But given the strong early sales performance of Yakuza 3, the chance to hear Takaya's Kiryu again will presumably not be too far off.

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