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Capcom shows new Gyakuten Kenji episode

Reiji and Mikumo meet up for the first time.


Capcom provided its latest look at Gyakuten Kenji today, detailing a new character and a new gameplay system.

The new character is Mikumo Ichijou. This 17-year-old, who's artwork has previously been shared, calls herself "Dai Dorobou" (Big Robber). Her aim is to a find "a treasure" known as "Truth."

Main character Reiji meets Mikumo after the first couple of chapters. In screenshots shared today, Reiji is seen hauling a suitcase to some unknown destination. He suddenly comes face to face with Mikumo.

Reiji meets Mikumo for the first time.

Mikumo holds a certain item which serves to assist Reiji in his investigations. This item, which appears to resemble a cell phone, can recreate a scene after being fed key pieces of information. While Mikumo originally used the item for her burglary purposes, Reiji can use it as a means of recreating a crime scene exactly as it was at the time of the crime. This is called "Information Recreation Mode" and can be used with the previously unveiled "Logic Mode" to help get to the bottom of crimes.

Inputing wrong information into the device will lead to contradictions between the recreation and the evidence that players have collected. These contradictions can be solved by closely investigating the scene recreation.

Recreating the crime scene.

To make use of Mikumo's item, players will need to have her join Reiji as a partner character. Mikumo can also be called upon for advice when players don't understand something about the scene that has been recreated.

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