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Some interesting bits about Resident Evil 5's development

Producer Masahiro Kawada speaks about growing team sizes


The latest installment in Mainichi.jp's weekly developer Q&A segments offers up a few insights into Resident Evil 5's development via producer Masahiro Kawada.

Development on RE5 started with the idea of using the newly available game hardware to make the best Resident Evil game, explained Kawada. However, the hurdles were high, thanks to the need to create a multiplatform game on new hardware for worldwide simultaneous release.

The development staff gradually grew throughout development. Once the basics of the game came took form, Capcom created a base for development in Hollywood and began looking into adding co-op play. Here, the full staff approached the 200 mark. Kawada believes that by the time of the game's production, the staff had crossed the 300 mark. This may just be the largest team in Capcom history, he said.

In closing comments, Kawada revealed that there was at one point talk about completing the game in time for the Peking Olympics.

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