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Your Band Bros. DX Radio Programming Guide

Make sure you know when Barabra's Game


One of the more unique DSi Ware titles announced so far is Band Bros. DX Radio. This internet radio service lets you tune into a Band Bros. DX music programming 24/7. The boring details can be found here on the main channel.

Programming for the radio changes every hour according to a programming guide. The full Japanese guide can be seen at the Nintendo official site. The chart lists two simultaneous channels. Each day of the week has a different schedule (select the day from the top nav).

The following programs are available, with Japanese names in parentheses:

Weekly! Popularity Best 10 (週間!人気ベスト10)
Countdown of the top 10 Band Bros. downloads for the week.
Spirit! Best Hit 10 (魁!ベストヒット10)
Top 10 countdown for the most downloaded songs since the Band Bros. DX release.
Home-home Best 10 (ホメホメベスト10)
Top 10 countdown of the highest rated songs
Charisma Shokunin Tengoku (カリスマ職人天国)
A program containing songs entirely from one poster
Hot Artist (HOTなアーティスト)
Songs from a single artist
Hello New Comer (ハロー♪ニューカマー)
The latest songs that are available for Band Bros. DX
Barbara Selection (バーバラセレクション)
Barbara the Bat delivers her pics of songs
Anime Song Paradise (アニソン☆パラダイス)
Theme songs for anime and tokusatsu hero shows
Dramatic Takku (ドラマチック・タック)
I think the name is supposed to be a pun, but this program delivers theme songs from dramas and movies along with CM tie-up songs
Enka Queen (演歌の女王)
Enka and oldies
Iketeru! J-Pop (イケてる!J-POP)
Delivers a varied lineup consisting of the latest hit J-pop titles and favorites
Hiphop Jam (HIPHOP JAM)
A program centered on black music. Yes, this is an actual genre of music in Japan, consisting of hiphop and R&B.
Seishun Folk Songs (青春フォークソング)
Includes a wide variety of songs from 60s to 70s folk to neo folk.
Tonight's Bar Ballad (今夜はbarバラード)
A focus on love songs.
Idol Box (愛★ドル箱)
There's another pun in the name here, but this program delivers famous idol songs new and old.
Classics Time (クラシックなお時間)
Special program for classical music
Choir! Singing Friends (大合唱!歌うおともだち)
A special program for choir songs -- songs that you sing with others
Barbara's Game Radio (バーバラのゲーラジ)
Includes game theme music and BGM
Everyone's Lullabies (みんなの童謡)
Includes child-oriented lullabies and anime songs
Interesting Songs (おもしろソングス)
A program that offers a collection of interesting songs that may make you laugh
Rockin' Death (ロッキンDEATH)
Nintendo doesn't provide a description of this. Hard rock perhaps?

I'm not going to translate the actual programming schedule. You can match up the Japanese names to help figure out what's on when.

Depending on the implementation, this could end up being an awesome example example of both user generated content and download content.

Be sure and check out this gallery for screenshots.

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