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DSi tops two million domestically -- Enterbrain

New colors push system over milestone.


The DSi has topped the two million mark in domestic sales, according to Famitsu.com. Citing sales figures from parent company Enterbrain, the site reports today that the system crossed the sales feat last week. As of March 22, the DSi now has total sales of 2,024,431 units.

Total sales for the DS platform as a whole recently crossed a milestone of its own: the 26 million mark. Nintendo has sold 26,083,985 units of the portable system thus far. The standard DS accounts for 6,449,206 units, with the DS Lite accounting for 17,610,348 units. The latter continues to sell over 10,000 units per week.

DSi's time to two million falls between DS Lite and the original DS. The original DS took 22 weeks to reach the mark. DS Lite took just 13 weeks. DSi, released on November 1, 2008, took 21 weeks.

Last week's release of pink, lime green, and metallic blue color variations helped push the DSi over the milestone, according to the Famitsu report. Full sales figures for the week from separate tracking firm Media Create will be released on Friday.

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