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Street Fighter IV Power Up!!

Championship Mode almost at hand.


The first major update for Street Fighter IV is almost at hand! Only you won't find it named "something-something pack." Capcom is going with a different naming for the update, which will carry the wonderfully Capcom-ish name of "Street Fighter IV Power Up!!".

(This appears to apply only to the Japanese naming. The European and North American versions of the update will apparently have "Pack" in the name).

This little bit comes straight from the latest post at the SFIV official blog. In the post, Project Manager Natsuki Shiozawa reveals that the update is almost complete and ready to go master up.

While specifics on the update, including a distribution date and content, will be announced shortly, Shiozawa provides a short preview. The free update will add two modes of play to the game.

First up is the previously announced Championship Mode. The following is apparently a new screen of Championship Mode, as shared in the blog post:

The other mode is more mysterious, but apparently has something to do with replays. Details will be announced later.

Outside of update news, the blog also reports that the PC version of the game is being developed parallel to the update.

Yes, team SFIV is very busy. In fact, Shiozawa observes that even though the console version of SFIV has seen release, no one is taking a vacation.

Finally, some sad news. The SFIV blog will soon switch to a once-a-week update schedule. Until now, the blog was updated every Tuesday and Friday. Starting April 3, this will change to one weekly Friday update.

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