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Bionic Commando release date set

3D followup to Famicom classic arriving in June.


Capcom announced today a final release date for Bionic Commando. The PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the 3D action title will arrive simultaneously on June 25, carrying a CERO rating of D (meaning play for 17-and-up) and a price of 7,340 yen. The PC version is as yet undated.

Bionic Commando is based around the 1988 NES game of the same name (released to Japan as Hitler no Fukkatsu). That game was remade as Bionic Commando Rearmed on PSN and Xbox Live Arcade last year.

This new 3D installment puts players in control of Nathan Spencer, who uses his grappling arm to swing through stages as he attempts to take down a terrorist organization. Outside of solo play, the game includes multiplayer support for up to eight, complete with rankings and voice chat.

The latest screenshots of Bionic Commando, showing single player (left) and multiplayer (right).

As a bonus for the game, Capcom will be including a video featuring Kouhei Tanaka and Ichiro Mizuki performing a Bionic Commando support song.

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