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Front Mission 3 hits Game Archives

Four additional titles for end of March.


Sony gave the Game Archives classics download service its second update of the month today, adding another small batch of PlayStation titles for PSP and PS3 owners.

The following four games are now available for download:

Front Mission 3
The third entry in Square Enix's fan-favorite strategy series adds a number of new gameplay features, including the Discharge Battle System and the Double Feature Scenario system.
Assault Suits Valken 2
From Extreme comes this followup in a series that was previously released in America as Target Earth or Cybernator. Different from its predecessors, the game is a strategy RPG featuring turn-based battles from the cockpit view and a large-scale story.
Advanced Variable Geo
This fighter from TGL Planning puts a group of bishojo waitresses against one another for a prize of 1 billion yen. As usual for Game Archives titles, the PSP version is playable in single player only.
Carnage Heart EZ
This Art Dink strategy title is set on three moons of Jupiter. Players design their very own Overkill Engine machine at the hardware and software level. Mouse support is not included in the Game Archive version.

All four titles are priced at 600 yen.

Front Mission 3
Carnage Heart EX
Advanced Variable Geo
Assault Suits Valken 2

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