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Big happenings at Wii Shopping Channel?

Plus, happy anniversary WiiWare!


I'm away from my Wii now (kee-kee-kee), but Inside Games posted an interesting observation about the Wii Shopping Channel. Apparently, when you attempt to enter the online Wii shop right now, you get a notice stating that, due to server maintenance, the shop will be down until 2:00 AM on the 26th.

That normally wouldn't be a big deal, except 2:00AM on the 26th happens to coincide with the exact end of Satoru Iwata's Game Developers Conference keynote address.

Could some big feature be on the way for Nintendo's download service? Perhaps some new initiative to be unveiled by Iwata during his keynote?

Hope it's not just that storage problem solution that Nintendo promised for Spring.

Inside Games also reminded everyone that today (March 25) marks the one year anniversary of the start of the WiiWare service. Yes, it was exactly one year ago today that Nintendo and its third parties kicked off the download service.

Since start, the service has seen a total of 81 titles according to Inside Games' count. I'd verify this against my own database, but I'm pretty sure my data is off. The full lineup for the service can be seen (in Japanese) at the Inside Games story.

What's more impressive than the number of games is the number of third parties that have contributed to the service. The full list looks like this:

  • Arc System Works
  • Agenda
  • Alfa Unit
  • Interchannel
  • Ateam
  • MTO
  • Electronic Arts
  • Capcom
  • Grand Prix
  • Kemko
  • Gameloft
  • Genki
  • Konami
  • Sunsoft
  • G Mode
  • Silverstar Japan
  • Square Enix
  • Studio Zan
  • Sega
  • Taito
  • Takara Tomy
  • D3 Publisher
  • Hudson
  • Bandai Namco Games
  • Fuji Soft
  • Perpetuum
  • Pokemon
  • Milestone
  • Yamasa Entertainment
  • Yudo
  • Warashi

While many of these have released just one game, you also have Hudson, which leads the way with a whopping ten titles!

DSiWare is starting to heat up like its Wii counterpart, with new games seemingly announced every week.

Quality of the game experiences aside, it's pretty ironic that among portables and consoles alike, the least high tech systems are the ones with the biggest downloadable game lineups.

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