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Pokemon demo hits DS Station

Sample three dungeons a few weeks ahead of release.


Nintendo gave its retail DS Station kiosks a rather large update today, with two downloadable demos and another Game Seminar 2008 student project.

The demos are for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Sky Battalion and Pro Baseball Famisuta DS 2009. The Pokemon demo lets players sample three of the game's randomly generated dungeons. The Baseball demo offers up three innings of play against the computer.

To download the demos, interested parties will need to have their DS with them. Pokemon can also be sampled directly at the kiosks through the Touch! Try! DS service.

Pro Baseball Famisuta DS 2009 hits on April 2. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon arrives on April 18.

The new Game Seminar 2008 project is Re: Koetist. As previously detailed, this student project has players become a voice artist (Koetist combines "Koe," Japanese for voice, with "Artist") and recite lines themed around such topics as "scary demon" and "high school girl in love." The game will be available through April 8.

The first Game Seminar 2008 game, Fu Fu Kirarin, ceased to be available yesterday (March 25).

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