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Release date set for Fate/unlimited codes Portable

Capcom planning limited edition bonus for arcade port.


Capcom announced today a final release date of June 18 for Fate/unlimited Codes Portable. Pricing is set at 5,240 yen.

Fate/unlimited Codes Portable is a PSP port of an arcade and PS2 fighting game which itself is based around a visual novel from Type-Moon. First announced early last month, the PSP version makes a few gameplay changes and adds in new costumes.

As a bonus item for the first print run of the game, Capcom will be including a limited edition card that can be used in the popular trading card game Weiß Schwarz (Weiss Schwarz). The card features artwork for Saber Lilly, a character from the game.

A sample image for the bonus item.

Capcom will also be offering the Fate/Unlimited Codes Portable Extend Edition premium package through its e-Capcom online sales site. The package bundles in a special book featuring visuals from the arcade and PS2 versions as well as artwork that was used for magazine covers. Pre-orders for the bundle will begin at 10:00 on April 10.

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