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Taito unveils new games at arcade event

New arcade FPS on the way from the makers of Half-Life 2 Survivor.


Taito provided a first look today at one of its big arcade titles for 2009. The staff members who adapted Valve's Half-Life series for arcades in the form of Half-Life 2 Survivor are working on Cyber Diver, set to hit arcades some time in 2009.

Cyber Diver is an FPS with a science fiction taste. Players make use of characters who can transform, even managing to fly about the stages. The game promises online 5 on 5 battles.

As a unique feature that should please both arcade operators and those concerned about the environment, the game can be made to reuse Half-Life 2 Survivor cabinets.

Screenshots of Cyber Diver.

The announcement was made today during a press conference at Taito's heavily publicized Taito Happy Station event. The public part of this event offered attendees a chance to sample arcade games new and old for free. Taito also brought out its Zuntata game music band for a live performance.

Also at the press conference, the company shared a look at a few of its upcoming previously announced arcade games, including Haunted Mansion and new Noukou ("No Thought") series games like Oppopo Booom and Midori no Osewa. The latter two games are being developed by Project Ocean, a development project formed between various Taito divisions.

The company also made mention of a few home titles with arcade themes. The Virtual Console Arcade version of Space Invaders, announced earlier in the day by Nintendo, will arrive in early April, it was revealed. The company also plans more remakes along the lines of the upcoming Xbox Live Arcade Arkanoid Live and Space Invaders Extreme as part of the Taito Collection series of games.

Taito president Yoichi Wada (also president of Square Enix) spoke at the event and, noting that the arcade industry has hills and valleys, said that he'd like Taito to make the next mountain.

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