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Level-5 to begin ROID service in June

Company promises major title to be distributed through virtual game machine.


Level-5's ROID service went quiet following its announcement just prior to last year's Tokyo Game Show. But today, the company helped confirm that the service is more than just vaporware with the announcement of a final service-in date of June 1.

ROID is a portal site themed around a virtual game machine. Players access the service through their PC or cell phone and can purchase content which can then be viewed through either outlet.

The mobile version of ROID will open up first, offering players a number of original mobile games. The company hasn't shared a final start date for the PC version.

Level-5 is also hinting that a major title will be distributed through the service. While sharing a screenshot of the game, the company said specifics would have to wait until a future update.

Those who are interested in a possible sneak peak at ROID can access the ROID official site for a concept demo. While the demo has been available since last year, it appears to have been updated to reflect the service-in date.

The newly updated ROID concept site.

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