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Katamari Damacy set for PlayStation 3

New version promises full HD and other new features.


Bandai Namco formally announced today a PlayStation 3 entry in the Katamary Damacy series. Titled Katamary Damacy Tribute, the new title is set for 2009 release.

Katamari Damacy Tribute retains the basics of the PlayStation 2 series while adding a number of new elements. Players can look forward to full HD (1920x1080) visuals along with an increase in the number of items placed throughout the stages. Players will now be able to change the look of the game to pre-set styles like "comic" and "wood."

Those hoping for an early first look at Katamari Damacy Tribute in motion should check out Famitsu.com, which posted a first trailer earlier today. According to the Famitsu.com story, Katamari Damacy Tribute will feature PlayStation Network support of some form. The site lists Beautiful Katamari Damacy producer Udetsu Wani as producer, with sound direction from Yu Miyake.

Bandai Namco also opened up a teaser official site for the game today. The site does not appear to contain much in the way of content at this point.

The Katamari Damacy Tribute teaser site.

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