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Square Enix shares 14th Dissidia Final Fantasy password set

Two friend cards in latest update.


Square Enix is continuing with its Dissidia Final Fantasy password updates at the rate of once a week. Round fourteen, shared by the company today, includes two friend cards.

The password "AK6ATR7ECD8N" can be used to unlock a friend card for Final Fantasy X's Auron, along with the rare item "Albehd Dictionary."

The password "M8ATK2TCPAYA" unlocks a friend card for Final Fantasy I's Matoya. This can be used to access the rare item "Zuishou no Me" (Crystal Eye).

Screenshots of the latest password updates, released today by Square Enix.

As with all Dissidia passwords, these two can be input into the "friend card" settings section of the game's wireless mode menu.

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