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Falcom details Ys I&II Chronicles changes

Selectable soundtracks and art styles on the way for portable remake.


Nihon Falcom has at long last started sharing specifics on the types of changes it has in store for Ys I&II Chronicles.

As first announced two weeks back, Ys I&II Chronicles is a remake of the first two classic Ys (pronounced "ease") games. Falcom has based the title off Ys I&II Kanzenban, a PC remake that was originally released in 2001 (a Vista version followed in 2007).

The basic story and character details remain unchanged. Players take control of the red-haired Adol Christin, who arrives in the land of Esterior (translated as "Esteria" in some translations). Adol's adventure through the two interconnected games eventually takes him up into the skies to the ancient land of Ys.

Adol, Feena, and other characters return on the PSP.

Players of the PSP version can look forward to a few presentational changes. Falcom has prepared new character visual cut-ins for the game, although players can also select to use the artwork from the 2001 Windows version. The game also offers three selectable soundtracks: the PC-8801 original version, the Wiindows version, and BGM that was newly arranged for the PSP. These presentational settings can be changed freely during the course of the game.

A few gameplay changes are on the way as well. The game offers four difficulties, selectable between "easy" and "nightmare." Also on offer is a Boss Rush Mode, which puts players against a successive series of bosses in a race against time.

The Boss Rush Mode.
The PC artwork for Feena (left) and the PSP artwork (right).
The PC artwork for Lilia (left) and the PSP artwork (right).
The PC artwork for Lair (left) and the PSP artwork (right).

As previously announced, Ys I&II Chronicles will hit the PSP in July, to be followed by the all new Ys Seven in September.

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