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Infinite Space gets a release date

Official site updated with new animation movie.


Sega has announced a final release date for Mugen Kourou. This first DS game from upstart developer Platinum Games is due out on June 11, priced at 5,500 yen.

Known as Infinite Space overseas, Mugen Kourou puts players in control of main character Yuri in a sci-fi adventure set in space. The game includes a strategic battle system and customization options for your space vessel.

Screenshots of Infinite Space, shared today by Sega.

Coinciding with this release date news, Sega recently gave the Mugen Kourou official site a major update, offering detailed looks at characters and ship specs. The site is also home to a second chapter in a series of animation movies detailing the background story of the game.

Images from the second chapter of the animated movie series.

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