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Sony offers Version 2.70 PlayStation 3 firmware

Cross game text chatting and more added to growing feature-set.


Sony gave the PlayStation 3 its latest firmware update today, bringing the system to version 2.7 and adding a number of highly anticipated features.

The big change appears to be the addition of XMB-level text chat using the system's on-screen keyboard or any general keyboard device. Accessible from the "Friend" section of the interface, the chatting tool supports up to 16 users simultaneously per chat room, and allows users to open up to three rooms at once. Chatting is accessible from within games, allowing users to communicate with one-another from different games.

Other changes include the following:

Dynamic Normalizer. Turning this on reduces differences in sound level when playing back music.
Video content that has been purchased from the PlayStation Store can be transferred back and forth between external media. A posting at the US PlayStation Blog states that PSP videos can also now be transferred to the PS3 for playback, although this is not mentioned in Sony's Japanese update information.
Users can select "Internet Search" from the option menu for PS3 games and games that have been purchased off the PlayStation Store to conduct internet searches about the game
The internet browser now allows you to cut and paste text from pages into text boxes and messages. When using an external keyboard, this includes support for familiar hot-keys like Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V. The browser also has a new option for "copy this page's address" and "copy this link's address" under the file menu. A "Browser Seurity" option is now selectable from the browser mode menu.
Friend List
Ordering of friends on the friend list has changed. Friend requests are now placed at the top of the list. Additionally, attachment file size for messages has been increased to 3 megabytes

For more details on the update and procedures for updating the system, see the official PS3 update page.

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