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Edia brings new mapping software to PSP

3D views, MP3 playback and more in latest Maplus title.


Edia announced today a new version of its "Maplus" PSP mapping software. Maplus Portable Navi 3 will be released on July 9 carrying a price of 8,190 yen. As with past entries in the series, the software is meant to be used with Sony's GPS receiver (sold separately).

Part 3 promises a number of improvements over the first two entries, including improved navigation via fully 3D rotatable views. The title's "My Navi" feature includes added options, most notably the ability to have 3D characters displayed on the maps. Edia promises tie-ups with a variety of characters for this feature. Along these lines, the voice-based navigation feature from part 2, which offered navigation support from celebrities as paid download content, has also been updated for part 3 and promises participation from even more talent.

Other updates include the ability to play MP3 files during navigation and downloadable data for major cities from throughout the world. The program also features a picture drawing tool, which lets users draw routes and images directly on top of maps. These can be shared on the web.

As with the Maplus Portable Navi 2, the title will support Memory Stick install, allowing for faster scrolling and route searching.

Further details on Maplus Portable Navi 3 can be seen at the software's official website.

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