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Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce ties up with Inumayuge

New download content and custom theme available today.


Koei gave Shin Sangoku Musou Multi Raid (Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce) its sixth round of free download content today, adding in a new collaboration quest along with a custom themes.

The quest is titled Inumayuge de Ikou. Based off the popular comic of the same name, the quest is a collaboration with V Jump magazine and puts players in a fight against the V Jump army, with the comic's Mayunashi character waiting as a boss. Those who clear the quest will be able to obtain an Inumayu special weapon.

The quest can be downloaded via PlayStation Store or via ad-hoc from friends who've already made the download.

Scenes from the new Multi Raid DLC.

Coinciding with this collaborative quest, Koei made available today a PSP custom theme promoting the Inumayuge tie-up. The artwork for the theme features a drawing from Inumayuge creator Ishizuka 2 Yuko. Interested parties can make the download through PlayStation Spot.

More download content is on the way for Mulit Raid, according to Koei.

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