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DS, PSP vie for top of Media Create sales charts

PSP takes first and second place in software.


The portable race heated up over the week as PSP and DSi vied for the top sales spot following the recent release of new colors.

PSP had the lead all to itself in software, though. Namco Bandai Games' Gundam Senjo no Kizuna Portable topped the charts with 85,208 units in its debut week, besting Nippon Ichi's Disgaea 2 Portable, which reached 38,634 units also in its debut. For Gundam, Media Creates notes a sell-through rate of just 46.56% and suggests that one problem could be that the popular arcade version was known particularly for its large domed screen, something that obviously cannot be replicated on the PSP.

Gundam: Senjo no Kizuna was shrunk down for the PSP from a large scale arcade attraction.

Yu-Gi-Oh Five Days Star Dust Accelerator (Konami, DS) debuted at three with 36,806 units this week. But aside from that, it was all older titles. Mario & Luigi RPG 3!!! (Nintendo, DS) placed fourth with 36,431 units, besting last week's top placer, Super Robot Taisen K (Namco Bandai), which took fifth this week with 32,109 units. The PS2 version of Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball 2009 (Konami) placed sixth this week with 26,711 units. The PSP the Best version of Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G managed to rise a bit to seventh with 24,574 units.

Closing out the top 10 were Musou Orochi Z (Koei, PS3) in eighth with 21,439 units, Resident Evil 5 (Capcom, PS3) in ninth with 16,837 units, and Rittai Picross (Nintendo, DS) in tenth with 16,339 units.

A large number of titles debuted outside the top ten in what was the last week of releases before the end of the fiscal year. Sunday VS Magazine (Konami, PSP), a new crossover fighter featuring characters from two popular comic magazines, debuted at eleven. Below it were Vitamin Z (D3 Publisher, PS2) at twelve, Hayate no Gotoku! Nightmare Paradise (Konami, PSP) at thirteen, and Metal Fight Beyblade (Hudson, DS) at fourteen. Yu-gi-oh Five Days Wheelie Breakers (Konami, Wii) debuted at 20, ahead of Haruhi Suzumiya no Heiretsu (Sega, Wii) at twenty-one, Trigger Heart Exelica Enhanced (Alchemist, PS2) at twenty-five, Tennis no Oujisama Boys Be Glorious (Konami, DS) at thirty-one, and Nintama Rantarou (Russell, DS) at forty-six.

Square Enix's localization of 007: Quantum of Solace was also released over the week. The PS3 version debuted at thirty-three. The PS2, Wii, and Xbox 360 versions did not place in the top fifty.

In the hardware race, DSi sold 57,401 units, barely beating the PSP's 54,148 units. Both systems were down sharply from last week's respective 71,233 units and 65,765 units. DS Lite also fell a bit from last week's 8,948 units to 8,408 units this week.

PS3 lead the way in consoles once again, although numbers for all systems were down. PS3 sold 22,825 units this week, down from last week's 25,435 units. Wii dropped from last week's 18,095 units to 17,276 units this week. Xbox 360 fell from last week's 5,441 units to 4,849 units, and was beaten this week by the PS2's 5,246 units.

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