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Don Quijoti employees in roman numeral mishap.


I wasn't expecting the 1,000 yen an hour employees of Don Quijoti to know their roman numerals or anything, but at least know your Final Fantasy kids!

Final Fantasy XIII is making its playable PS3 debut next week. You know that. I know that. Everyone knows that. Except for the casual gamer who happens to be passing through Don Quijoti and sees this sign:

A demo for a PS3-compatible version of FFVIII included with Advent Children? I'll take it, as long as the game has been totally remade to give Rinoa a heartier number of polygons.

But, failing that, I'm very much excited about the demo of the PS3-compatible version of FFXIII.

Here are a few other signs for Advent Children complete and the FFXIII demo:

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