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Puzzle Bobble set for WiiWare

Download available tomorrow, simultaneous with expansion packs.


Taito will be releasing a WiiWare version of its popular puzzle game Puzzle Bobble. Puzzle Bobble Wii will hit the download service tomorrow (April 7) at a cost of 800 WiiPoints.

This latest entry in the series keeps in place the basic idea of making bubbles disappear by lining up three like-colored bubbles. New to the game are stages whose form changes as you play.

In terms of content, the game includes 135 stages of play in its "1P Puzzle" mode. These are playable as time attack and score attack. Also included is a battle mode featuring play against the CPU or a friend. Prior to the start of play, players can select their own "attack patterns" for attacking their opponent.

Screenshots from Puzzle Bobble Wii.

Taito is also offering two stage packs simultaneous with the main release. 1P Stage Pac-1 includes stages from the classic Puzzle Bobble 2. 1P Stage Pac-2 includes stages from Puzzle Bobble 3 and Super Puzzle Bobble. Each pack adds 135 stages to the game costs 200 WiiPoints.

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