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Blood of Bahamut: Shiva detailed

Face off against the giants using weapons from the Salamander salesman.


My last look at Square Enix's Blood of Bahamut offered up screens and details on the wolf-like Fenrir giant, the wolf-like Santiago playable character, and gameplay systems like the Gate, Portal, and Giant Canon.

Things get a lot colder for this latest update, which centers around Shiva, the "Ice Queen":

The third giant following Ifrit and Fenrir, Shiva's beauty is said to steal the hearts of anyone who looks upon her. Adventurers, hearing this rumor, would secretly approach Shiva and, being entranced by her, would refuse to leave the kingdom. As a result, the citizens closed the borders and even forbid people from approaching Shiva. Her beauty is now only known second hand.

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Despite being a giant, Shiva is intelligent. She skillfully moves away from the heart of battle and cooly oversees the path of the fight.

During combat, she enchants her opponents via her dance amongst the clouds and her smile, then unleashes powerful attacks without letting up. Seeking out the core that serves as her weakness requires that combatants strip her of her armor one piece at a time.

As with Fenrir, who was introduced alongside Santiago, a hero of the giant's race, players can take control of a Shiva race character named Ryuma.

This 28-year-old departed from Shiva (you'll recall that people resided on the backs of the giants before the giants rebelled) and travelled the world freely, in the hopes of seeing the expansive world and freeing himself of the ancient customs of his homeland. The latter area is reflected in his red hair rather than the typical blue hair of his people, and his foreign clothing.

A pursuer of new things, Ryuma makes use of a weapon that he obtained along his travels and whose name is written in Japanese as "Kikaijyun" (I'm not sure how to translate this -- it's literally "Machine Gun," but probably not in the same sense as a modern day machine gun). He picked this weapon up half because it was just new rather than for its usefulness.

In battle, the weapon gives him long ranged attacks, making him good with supporting the fight from afar, although he's weak when surrounded by smaller monsters. Screenshots also show him setting up a doll which draws the attention of the Ifrit giant.

Ryuma heard of main character Ibuki's upcoming fight through "rumors spread by the wind." The reason he decided to join up in the force is a mystery.

Not all the characters you'll encounter in Blood of Bahamut are playable. Two examples include a traveling salesman and his child (who may be a girl):

Their names are unknown, but they're of the Salamander Race. You won't be fighting a Salamander giant, as it died in a past behemoth battle. Residents of the Salamander now travel the world selling weapons which they create using a "Synthesis Technique" and "Materials" that can be obtained from giants.

You'll rely on this duo to create weapons. Following battle, you collect Materials. Using these items, it's possible to create new weapons and fortify current weapons to increase attack patterns.

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