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Team Virtual-On Talks Up the Xbox 360 Port

Focus on lag-free play, says Virtual-On series producer.


The big shocker is already out about the Xbox 360 version of Virtual-On Oratorio Tangram and the possibility of a Twinsticks controller peripheral (see this story from yesterday. But just before that information was posted at the game's official blog, Xbox.com posted an interview with Virtual-On series producer Jurou Wataru and Xbox 360 version director Toru Murayama. Here's a bit of what they said.

The two were first asked why they decided to bring the game to Xbox Live Arcade. Murayama responded that the concept of Xbox Live Arcade, casual games that can be played lightly, fits in well with ports of arcade games. Also, looking at things from the development side, if they were to have to add effects and new elements to the game, this would take up time and money, making it hard to get a "go" sign.

Next up, the two were asked to name the charms of the game, under the assumption that the Xbox Live Arcade version would be the first time for many to get a play chance. Murayama cited the feeling of speed that he believes to be lacking from recent robot games. Wataru agreed, stating that the "direct feeling of speed" is a special feature of the game. He also said that he feels it strange that the game still feels quite fast compared to current games.

This still looks absolutely stunning on an HD set.

As said above, this interview was posted prior to Sega's update on Twin Sticks development, but the two were asked about how the game controls through the controller. Murayama believes that it's easier to move around now through controller-based play, as there are some areas of movement which are simplified. For those who really want to get into the game, though, he said the Twin Sticks control option, selectable from the options menu, gives the game a feeling of control close to the arcade.

On the note of updating the game for Xbox Live Arcade, the goal was to not lose the original play feel, so they didn't they didn't think too much about putting in updates. There was concern early on about the look of the game, as it's quite old, but upon running a model on an HD monitor, they found it to look "totally cool."

Wataru said that they're offering the game exactly as it was with the arcade version 5.66, with no changes to even game balance. Instead, they're putting their effort into ensuring a lag-free battle experience for online play.

Addressing online play in particular, Murayama pointed out the game's support for Xbox Live Party, which lets players create lobbies exclusively for Party members.

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