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Capcom makes big push overseas

Increased staff and marketing for 2009.


Capcom will be making some major moves outside of Japan this fiscal year. The online edition of the Nihon Keizai Shimbun reported yesterday (4/12) that the firm plans on increasing its staff and marketing efforts over the year. This is being done to drive up profits as overseas markets continue to expand in contrast to a shrinking domestic market.

Specific plans call for an increase this fiscal year of 20%, or about 170 people, to North American staff. The company hopes to scooping up talented developers who have been displaced through layoffs at other North American game studios.

Additionally, Capcom plans on adjusting its marketing budget so that overseas marketing accounts for 80%, up from the current 60%.

The company also plans on distributing downloadable games for new game machines in developing nations. Specifics on what "new game machines" or "developing nations" refer to were not stated in the Nikkei report.

Like most Japanese publishers, Capcom has not been shy in expressing its interest in markets outside of Japan. Recent developments include a collaborative effort on the development of Dead Rising 2. The multiplatform sequel to the hit Xbox 360 action title is being developed at Canada's Blue Castle Games.

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