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Advent Children Complete Premier: Second Hand

It would've been first hand if I'd been there.


It appears that my tickets for yet another major gaming event got lost in the mail again (curse you J Post!). But here's a second hand report on what was shown at the recent Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete premier event.

First off, see these sources for pics:

As detailed in this report from early March, the Advent Children screening was a mix of public and private events. Friday marked the private part -- a screening for press and business partners. Saturday and Sunday saw screenings for a total of 800 fans who'd reserved the Blu-ray release at the Square Enix e-Store. Both versions of the screening were held at the Sony Building in Ginza.

See the above articles for pics of the elaborate displays Sony and Square Enix put together for the event. The displays are actually on the first floor of the Sony Building, which should give them major exposure to the masses.

The replica of Midgar, by the way, may not actually be new. I remember seeing it at a past Final Fantasy VII anniversary display in Harajuku.

Following the screening, producers Shinji Hashimoto and Yoshinori Kitase, co-director Takeshi Nozue, scenario writer Nojima Kazushige, and director Tetsuya Nomura took the stage to speak about the new release.

Hashimoto made note of the 4.1 million in worldwide sales for the original as he revealed that, while an overseas release for the Blu-ray version isn't finalized, Square Enix is now in talks with Sony Pictures about distribution.

The Blu-ray version of Advent Children has 1,000 new cuts. According to Nozue, the changes include things that were left out of the original due to a lack of time, and things that were changed based off fan opinion.

Nojima discussed the On the Way to a Smile original animation that's included with the BD, saying that he's extremely happy with it, as he hadn't been expecting an anime conversion.

Of course, the big news (actually, the only news) from the event was the announcement of Final Fantasy VII International for the Game Archives. Hashimoto introduced the Game Archive version by describing FFVII as the starting point of 3D technology for Square Enix. Kitase suggested that players try it out on the PSP, noting that it's compatible with the system's analogue nub.

Now... to find a store that sells Blu-rays early.

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