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BlazBlue: Xbox 360 VS PS3

Well, the covers, anyway.


BlazBlue is gearing up (ha ha ha ha ha) for its June 25 PS3 and Xbox 360 release. I'm certain the pixel counters are fine tuning their pupils in order to accurately determine which version is running in true 720p. But before that, here's a look at a more obvious difference between the two:

To the left, the PS3 box. To the right, the Xbox 360 box. Two versions of the same game. Two different package designs. Which one is better?

The differences are actually more subtle than they may look at first. Both have the same background and the same character, Ragna, in front. The PS3 version has Jin and Noel in the background. The 360 version has Haku-Men and v-13 (or "Nu").

These images are from Famitsu.com. The site notes that Haku-Men and v-13 are appearing in a visual illustration for the first time. That presumably means the 360 box art is technically "better."

The Famitsu.com story also has first details on a first print run pre-order bonus for the game, the tentatively named "Blablu Fan Disk Drama CD." ("Blablu" is short speak for BlazBlue -- the Japanese love to do this with all their words). This CD will include gag dramas with the more popular characters and wallpapers.

I have no idea what the little chibi characters in the Famitsu.com article are supposed to be.

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