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New Adventure Island Wii Playtest

Master Higgins... did you always control so terribly?


My nostalgia level for the New Adventure Island series is pretty much zero. I think I might have played the series back on the NES or Turbo Grafx. But I may be confusing it with the billion other side scrollers that were out at the time.

Nostalgia was probably what the makers of the WiiWare version of the game were going for. New Adventure Island Wii is sloppy in the control department, and even sloppier in the visual department. It's most definitely a bad game.

And yet, I keep on finding myself wanting to give it one more go whenever I die. I can't explain this. Whenever I die, I'm pretty sure it's the game's fault. And yet, I rush back into the stage, despite being started back at the beginning every damn time.

It's definitely a frustrating play experience, but perhaps in the same way 8-bit games can be frustrating.

If 8-bit was what Hudson had been going for, I wish they'd gone the Mega Man 9 and Pole's Big Adventure route and given the game true 8-bit visuals. Instead, the game has pre-PS2 level 2.5D visuals that look like they were produced by students. Looking around at some of the videos online, the TurboGrafx version had much more charm in its visual design.

Also totally unnecessary were the 3D mini games Hudson included. Why not use that extra time to make some new levels?

Some of the side diversions in New Adventure Island Wii. A skateboarding game (left) and the game's equivalent of achievements (right).

I'm not sure if I'd pay 1,000 WiiPoints for New Adventure Island, but if Hudson America charges a bit less for it, and if you're in the mood for some terrible but strangely addictive gameplay with graphics that are bad but in the wrong way, go for it.

Here are a few movies:


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