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Sega gives Bayonetta site major update

Director Hideki Kamiya kicks off official blog.


Sega gave a major refresh to its official site for Bayonetta, the first PS3 and Xbox 360 title from Mad World developer Platinum Games.

The Bayonetta official site.

The site offers new content under its story, character, action, and image sections, along with a new trailer titled "First Climax." The trailer features a mix of gameplay and cinematic footage, all with English voice overs.

The trailer page includes six additional slots, suggesting that more footage is on the way as the title approaches its newly announced Fall 2009 release.

The latest screens of Bayonetta, released today by Sega.

Also at the site is a new official blog. The first posting is from Bayonetta director Hideki Kamiya and is just a Japanese language version of a previous post from the Platinum Game's English language blog.

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