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Lord of Vermilion update detailed

Latest rev features Star Ocean guest characters.


Square Enix shared details today on the latest update to its card-based arcade game Lord of Vermilion. The information was previously shared late last month through Famitsu.

On April 23, Lord of Vermilion units will be upgraded to LoV Rengoku Kara no Izanai (roughly, "Invitation From Purgatory"). This update adds new magic cards featuring guest characters.

The guest characters come from two other Square Enix farnchises. From Star Ocean comes Gabrie Celesta and Icelia Queen, with cards drawn by Star Ocean 4 character designer Katsumi Enami. From Fantasy Earth Zero comes Lyle and Tifaris.

Joining the guest characters is a magic card featuring illustration from Hatsune Miku character designer Kei. This new card is named "Aphrodite."

Screens from the latest version of Lord of Vermilion.

Ahead of the Rengoku update's release, Square Enix will hold a special campaign that will give players extra experience and items. The campaign kicked off today and will run through April 22.

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