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A day in the life of Reiji Mitsurugi

The Gyakuten Kenji detective shows off his personal side.


This is just a bit late (yeah, like two weeks!), but Capcom recently made an interesting addition to its Gyakuten Kenji official site. A section titled "Reiji Mitsurugi's Splendid Daily Life" promises to offer up a glimpse into the daily life of the game's main character, Reiji MItsurugi.

The first installment offers a look inside Mitsurugi's office. You can select from (from top to bottom) Sofa, Frame, Tonosaman, Tea Set, Bookshelf, and Chess Table. To make Mitsurugi run to the locations, select them from the right menu.

Here's roughly (very roughly!) what each location says:

"Burying my body here and drinking tea is my most joyous time. I'd like to preserve this time even when busy with work. Because in court and when on the scene, I don't have time for a break."
"This was the clothing I wore for my first trial. It gives me nostalgia. I wonder if I've grown since then. It looks like my clothing has calmed along with age as well."
"A figure of Great Edo Warrior Tonosaman. It's made well. Thinking about it, I've been with this figure for a long time. Does this mean I've spent a long time with with the person who sent the figure as well?"
Tea Set
"A tea set and tea leaves. Everything is top class. If you drink the tea that I blend, I don't think you'll ever forget it. How about a cup?"
"A bookshelf housing the cases that I've headed up and the decisions. It's packed tight so it won't fall with a small vibration. It's tough to take out a book, though."
Chess Table
"Chess? If there's someone who can match up with me, I can show my skill. The strength of the red knight -- it's something you need to see."

Wow! Is Mitsurugi supposed to be totally full of himself?

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