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Get zapped with X-rays by Pikachu

The latest Pokemon licensed product won't sell a million copies, but will draw five microns of life out of your infant with every use.


My copy of the Nikkei Industrial Newspaper didn't come today, but thankfully Inside Games was on the uppity-up and picked up this story about the latest in licensed Pokemon products.

New RPG? New movie? New piece of high priced medical equipment that aims to make kids forget that they're being blasted with dangerous rays of light?

Announced yeterday by Shimadzu, the harmless-looking contraption above is actually an X-ray machine. And worst of all, the girl controlling it isn't even Japanese!

Set for release on the 17th, this latest entry in the Mobile Revolution series (I'm frightened that they have to use such marketing catch phrases to promote industrial medical equipment) targets infants with its Pokemon designs. It's apparently the first X-ray machine designed specifically for the youngins.

Most Pokemon games sell millions of copies within weeks. Shimadzu plans just 30 of these in its first year. Price: ¥72,600,000.

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