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Check out the Final Fantasy XIII Xbox 360 Box Set!

I'd totally buy this!


Those crazy Japanese blogs are making fun of us Americans once again. This is what they apparently think the packaging of the 360 version of Final Fantasy XIII will look like:

I swear I've seen that before. Last week's was more original:

I'd totally buy the second one, as long as I could install everything to harddisk.

This latest update on how limiting the 360 media format is appears to have come about because of this blog post which provides some data on the FFXIII demo and Advent Children Complete.

I have no idea if any of this is legit, but the blog says FF7ACC takes up 45.9 gigabytes of space, of which 29.8 gigabytes is used for the main movie. The Final Fantasy XIII demo, which comes on a separate disc, takes up 5.09 gigabytes, including the 256 megabytes required for the latest PS3 firmware update.

The file time stamps for the disc's files are December 3 through December 6. Does that mean the demo has been ready to go since December?

That original post has a more detailed look at the FFXIII file structure if you care.

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