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Square Enix opens Crystal Bearers official site

Teaser site gives way to first solid details on new Crystal Chronicles game.


Following weeks of creative teasing, Square Enix gave the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Crystal Bearers official site a more formal opening today, with first solid details on the game.

Crystal Bearers is the latest entry in the Final Fantasy offshoot series Crystal Chronicles, which have been appearing on Nintendo platforms since the GameCube. The Wii has seen a couple of entries, one for WiiWare and one as part of a cross platform project with the DS.

The Crystal Bearers official site.

This all-original Wii RPG entry focuses on the exploits of main character Layle, a Crystal Bearer of the human-like Clavats race. Crystal Bearers all have a part of their body turned crystal -- the right cheek in Layle's case -- and can wield magic.

The story of Crystal Bearers begins at a ceremony marking the maiden voyage of a new air ship, The Alexis. Layle has taken up a job in a protection force for The Alexis, and makes quick work of beasts who end up attacking the ship. It turns out that these monsters were under the control of Amidatelion, a Yukes. While the Yukes have been a fixture of past Crystal Chronicles titles, in the Crystal Bearers world, their race is said to have died off centuries in the past due to a war fought with the Lilties race.

The site offers a look at four principal characters for the game:

The young main character. He often says "Ore ni Makasero" ("Leave it to me") and can be trusted to get a job done. In Crystal Bearers, he's pursuing the mysterious Amidatelion.
A character of the Yukes race who's surrounded in mystery, particularly due to the fact that his race is supposed to have died off centuries in the past.
The Queen of the Lilties Kingdom, and the sole daughter of Queen Alexis, who died when Althea was young. The King is sick as well, and Althea has taken it upon herself to protect the Lilties people and the world. She meets Layle as she sneaks out of the castle town.
A male Lilties, and head of the Lilties Kingdom army. He senses danger from both Amidatelion and Layle.

Outside of the character and story details, the official site is also home to a "multimedia" section offering the game's January trailer and a couple of wallpapers.

Screenshots of Crystal Bearers, distributed today by Square Enix.

As is often the case, this official site unveiling is accompanied by a full feature in this week's Famitsu. The magazine shares details on the gameplay side of the game, which has players using Layle's ability to manipulate gravity as a means of tossing around enemies and grappling through environments. The magazine also offers a lengthy interview with producer and scenario writer Kawazu Akitoshi and director and character designer Itahana Toshiyuki.

Crystal Bearers is still without a final date, but is 60% complete according to the Famitsu story.

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