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Gyakuten Kenji: Pamphlet Edition

It's as close as you'll get to Gyakuten Kenji for another two months.


Capcom's Gyakuten Saiban (aka Ace Attorney) spinoff Gyakuten Kenji isn't due out until May 28, but the promotions are already beginning at retail. Here's a look at the first retail pamphlet I've seen for the game.

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The cover sheet says "The start of a new Gyakuten, where you seek the truth and challenge cases." Below that, "A genius prosecutor challenges the case! New entry in the Gyakuten series."

The dude to the left of the text is Shouta Matsuda, image character for the game.

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To the left, an introduction to main character Reiji Mitsurugi. He begins his investigation for the truth after finding himself involved in an incident of some form.

To the right, the support cast. From left to right:

Keisuke Itonokogiri
A detective who handles homocide. He places more faith in Reiji than is typical for a prosecutor and detective.
Mikumo Ichijo
A girl whose nickname is "Big Burgler." She's on the crime scene with Reiji.
Shiryu Rou
An elite international investigator who's helped to dissolve a number of criminal organizations. He's not a big fan of prosecutors for some reason.
A first rate investigator who usually works alongside Shiryu. She and Rou have formed a strong trust.
Mei Karuma
Daughter of Reiji's teacher. She became a prosecutor in America at the age of 13.

Below the characters, the text says to expect popular characters from the Gyakuten Saiban series to appear.

This page introduces the first two chapters.

The game's first chapter is Gyakuten Visitor. Reiji returns to Japan following a month overseas and finds a murder waiting for him... in his own office! He and Keisuke seek out the truth together.

The game's second chapter is Gyakuten Airline. Reiji is the first person to discover a dead body on an airplane and is thus a suspect in the murder. An investigation begins to prove his innocence.

To the left, an introduction to Logic Mode. As part of this system, as you investigate a scene, key words are added to a Logic Panel. You can later connect the dots between any two pieces of information. See this story for all the details on Logic Mode and the Truth Gauge that appears at the bottom of the scan.

To the right, a look at all the Gyakuten Saiban games. Yes, they're all available on the DS, and each one costs 2,100 yen.

Can you find Reiji on the Gyakuten Saiban boxes?

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