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Square Enix complains of Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Uploads

Yes, this is the most pointless press release ever.


Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete is out. You might have not noticed it. It's that horrible movie that comes bundled with the rather nice Final Fantasy XIII demo.

Apparently, some people out there have been uploading videos of the movie to video sharing sites. I presume this was being done in order to show the world just how horrible the movie is. But regardless, uploading videos of a movie to video sharing site is definitely NG.

Square Enix issued notice today about this activity. According to the notice, the company has sent requests to the relevant parties to get these files removed, and has verified that their requests have been followed through.

The press release states: "Square Enix will continue to monitor illegal upload activity to the internet for Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete, and will actively seek responsibility, legal measures included, for those who infringe upon the work's copyrights."

I'm all for protecting your copyrights. I've sent out my fair of e-mails telling people to stop stealing my photographs. But overall, I think this press release is pretty useless. Not as useless as a direct-to-video CG sequel to one of my favorite games of all time, but still pretty useless.

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