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Microsoft wins with unheard-of combo of cocktails, Krispy Kreme, and Bayonetta.

Sweet goodies from yesterday's press conference.


The bar has been raised in press conference swag. Microsoft gave out the ultimate gift at its press conference yesterday, and it probably only cost them five bucks and small printing fee (and about five hours of waiting in line).

In case you're unfamiliar with the whole video game press conference thing (yes it's a "thing"), game companies almost always give some neat little goodie to attending press as a parting gift. This is usually in a bag sporting the company logo. In addition to the gift, the bag usually contains all the screenshot and media materials required for further coverage.

I knew something was a little unique about Microsoft's parting gift when I saw this little stash of goodies at the reception area:

Sure enough... MS's parting gift was Krispy Kreme donuts! Or was it?

It turns out that the box's cover was just an insert on Microsoft's part. Waiting inside were a half dozen standard glazed donuts.

Krispy Kreme has been in Japan for over a year now, but the lines are always so long -- often over an hour -- that I haven't had a sampling. Thank you Microsoft for reminding me just what true sweetness really is.

Also of note from the press conference was this:

Yes, Microsoft brought booze, which explains the unmistakable drunkenness in the air as I went around the post-conference demo area sampling Magna Carta 2 and Dream Club (I was working, so no drinking for me, but I really wish I had been drunk for Dream Club).

They've got the donuts. They've got the beer. Give them to us all at once while we're watching that dizzying Bayonetta play session, and you'll be king of the presser, MS!

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