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Wii tops eight million -- Enterbrain

System trails behind DS and PS2.


The Wii has topped the eight million point in domestic hardware sales, Famitsu.com reported today citing data from parent company and market analysis firm Enterbrain. The mark was reached over the sales period covering April 13 through April 19.

This domestic landmark comes just two years and four months after the system's December 2, 2006 release. Previous milestones include the seven million mark, reported by Enterbrain on November 26, 2008, and the six million mark, reported by Enterbrain on May 13, 2008. Worldwide, Nintendo itself reported total sales of 50 million units in late May.

The Wii trailed a few systems in its path to 8 million. According to a report at Mainichi.jp, the Wii's 125 weeks to 8 million was beaten by the DS's 77 weeks and the PS2's 101 weeks. The Wii did outpace the PSP, though, which took 166 weeks.

Famitsu.com also shared a recap of the Wii's top five selling games. Wii Sports remains the number one selling title for the system, at 3,481,469 units. It's followed by Wii Fit at 3,301,373 units, Wii Play at 2,672,811 units, Mario Kart Wii at 2,218,756 units, and Smash Bros. X at 1,789,924 units. Of these, Wii Fit continues to regularly place in the top 10 weekly sales charts.

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