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White Knight Chronicles to to see major update

1st Wave update brings new menus, gameplay changes.


Sony and Level-5 have been giving their late 2008 RPG White Knight Chronicles minor updates periodically. But the next update looks to be a lot bigger -- so big, in fact, that it has a name. Titled 1st. Wave, the update adds a number of new features.

On the system side of things the game features a new menu screen. Titled "New Type," the new menu adds a number of convenient features. Players will be free to select between the new menu form and Classic form as they please.

Selecting between menu types.

Other system changes include the ability to move while while viewing the full map, additional options in the system menu, a magic menu in the main menu, and adjustments to the character making menus.

Solo players will find a new Continue Play option. When selecting New Game from the title screen after having cleared the game, you'll be able to choose between Start From the Beginning and Continue Play. The continue option lets you retain your avatar's look, the parameters for your allies, and your possessions, minus items related to the story and specific items for your knight. The fields of play will also see new treasure boxes.

Selecting between New Game and Continue Play.

The story mode also sees a few new conveniences. You'll be able to press start to pause. When you die, you'll have to option of retrying or going to the title screen.

The update also features a few more minute changes, including balance adjustments for skill commands. These involve increased magic use for certain attacks, increased length for certain spells, and so forth.

The game's Live Part online mode also sees some changes. In your diary, you'll be able to add images to posts. Your My Town area will offer room matching, allowing you to enter any room, enter a room at your current level, or enter a room at your current guild rank. When making a matching room, you'll be able to set level and guild rank limits. You'll also find an item synthesis shop in My Town.

Changes to online mode.
The new image attachment feature for sending messages.

The 1st. Wave update will be joined by the game's seventh quest download, Heigen no Monster Taiji (Clear the Monsters From the Fields). This quest accepts players at even the lowest guild ranks.

Joining the update and the seventh quest download, Sony will be redistributing an older limited time quest, Semari Kuru Kyokage. The quest was originally released in late March.

A full list of changes for the update can be seen at the White Knight Chronicles official site. Sony will provide a specific time frame for availability in a future update.

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