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New Fire Emblem on the way?

Nintendo Dream appears to be hinting at something for its next issue.


There's a hot rumor going about the Japanese message boards now that a new Fire Emblem game is set to be announced in about a month.

An image, apparently from a regular Fire Emblem column in the the latest issue of Nintendo Dream, has the following text: "There hasn't been information on new titles of late, but Emblem fans should look forward to next month's issue."

Nintendo Dream hits news stands on the 21st of every month, so it's going to be a long wait to see what exactly this is in reference to.

Please note that I haven't actually seen the issue myself -- just an image of the blurb. I'll post an update once I've verified if the image is legit.

[ update: I just checked the magazine, and the text is indeed in there! It's part of a fan art section as a tiny introduction to the section from the editorial staff. ]

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