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Falcom shares Ys release information

Bonus CDs, plus a first look at Legend of Heroes 7.


Falcom shared today final release information for Ys I&II Chronicles and Ys Seven.

Previously, the two games were set respectively for July and September. Today, Falcom shared final dates of July 16 for Ys I&II Chronicles and September 17 for Ys Seven. Pricing remains unchanged from the previously announced 5,040 yen for I&II and the 6,090 yen for Seven.

Falcom also shared pre-order bonus item information for the two games.

Those who pre-order Ys I&II Chronicles will get the Ys 1&2 Best Sound Collection. This CD includes music from Ys Kanzen-ban (previously unreleased on CD), tracks newly prepared for the PSP title, and selections from past Ys and Ys 2 albums.

Ys Seven will get a soundtrack titled Ys Music History. This soundtrack includes music from older Ys titles along with selections from Seven itself.

Those who pre-order Seven will also get a full color booklet, not for Ys but for Eiyuu Densetsu 7 (Legend of Heroes 7), the upcoming sequel in the Sora no Kiseki series. Falcom has yet to share specifics for this entry in the series.

The Ys I&II Chronicles and Ys Seven bonus CDs.
The other Ys Seven bonus, a sneak peak at Legend of Heroes 7.

Falcom also opened up official sites for the two games. The Ys Seven official site offers wallpaper downloads and a look at the characters. The Ys I&II Chronicles site adds in a look at some of the changes for the new remake and also offers a PSP custom theme.

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